Thermal Mass Flow Switches

microtuf® II - FS2100 Series
Economy Mass Flow Switch
microtuf® II - FS2100 - Economy Mass Flow Switch

Economical solution for Simple Mass Flow detection.
Compact Packaging, SMT Electronic Design

  • New smaller and simpler packaging.
  • 90-260VAC or 19-30VDC Operating Voltage.
  • Self heating sensor design improves repeatability
  • Built to fit your specific application.
  • 1% Repeatability of Set-Point
  • Easy three-step calibration.
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microtuf® - FS4200 Series
Basic Mass Flow Switch
microtuf® – FS4200 - Basic Mass Flow Switch

Mass Flow Detection in Rugged and Hazardous Locations.

  • Explosion Proof, CENELEC and
      Non-Explosion Proof Versions.
  • Choose 110VAC, 220VAC or 24VDC Electronics
  • Rugged and Reliable for any application
  • Available in SS, Hastelloy, Titanium & More
  • Wide selection of Standard or Custom sensor designs
  • Quick Response Time
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VERSA-SWITCH® – VS5100 Series
Premium Mass Flow Switch
VERSA-SWITCH® – VS5100 - Premium Mass Flow Switch

VERSAtile Flow & Temperature Detection in any Application.
Multi-SetPoint, Time Delays, Selectable Operating Power

  • Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof Versions
  • User Selectable Power - 110VAC/220VAC/24VDC
  • Optional Remote Electronics for easy setup
  • Nearly any Process Connection - Custom or Common
  • 2nd Channel for Detection of:
      Dry Lines, Temperature or Unit Diagnostics
  • Two year workmanship warranty
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Thermal Mass Flow Meters

TrendMassTer® – TM6000 Series
Thermal Mass Flow Meter
TrendMassTer® – TM6000 Series - Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal mass flow meter designed to operate in gas.
Backlit LCD Display, Dual 4-20mA & Switched outputs

  • Direct mass flow, no secondary measurements
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Rugged LCD display for the best outdoor visibility
  • Response time as low as .5 seconds media dependent.
  • 4-20mA output w/ external loop power
  • On-board Isolated power supply
  • RS485, SPDT Relay output
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